Our Auto Inspection services

In order to ensure road safety in general, all vehicles must be in perfect mechanical and working condition.

In this sense, our workshop checks the same elements that are controlled by IPO technicians at the time of inspection, namely:

  • Vehicle identification (correspondence between registration number, engine number and chassis number);
  • Braking system (main brake, emergency brake and parking brake);
  • Visibility (windows, mirrors, windscreen wipers, etc.);
  • Lighting systems (position lights, dipped and high beam, change of direction, braking, reversing, registration plate, fog and reflectors in general);
  • Shooting system (steering status, axles, wheels, tires and suspension);
  • Speedometer operation, fuel level indication and other commands;
  • Condition of the chassis and bodywork in general;
  • Possible loss of fluids;
  • Important equipment: seats, belts, horn, warning triangle and reflective vest.


We will pick up your car at home and deliver after inspection.


Algarmotor - serviço de inspecção automóvel levantamento e entrega ao domicilio

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